Burps and Farts

Burp & Fart Sound Effects

For Multi-User Licensing: Please contact David Fienup via the “Contact” link on this website.

Audio Files: 82
Audio Clips: 82
Size: 73.9 MB unzipped
Format: WAV
Fidelity: 96k/24bit
Channels: Stereo

Burps and Farts is an April Fools Day collection from Soundopolis! This is simply a fun library full of bodily functions. You get 53 burps, 27 farts, and 2 funny out-takes of a belch-recording session with owner David Fienup and writer Stavros Hollowell. Enjoy this fun micro-collection! Make ringtones, games, and comedic hits today. This is also Soundopolis’ first 96k/24bit library so your humor is high resolution. All Soundopolis tracks include metadata tags so they are easy to find using any search engine.

All tracks were recorded, edited, mastered, and packaged as 96k/24bit wave files. Collections come in easily downloadable zip files.

Special thanks to those who contributed their bodily functions!