Company Credits

Sound Designer, Owner - David Fienup, dave (at) soundopolis (dot) net

Web Developer, and "layout engineer" - David Lee @

Graphic Design, Website Design Concept & Photography for banners - David Fienup

Graphic Design - Jack Carder -
- Soundopolis logo, B&W collection decals on Soundcloud

Stock Images for banners:
- "Icy Snow 1 & 2", "Halloween 101", "Heavy Metal", "Impulse", and "Clothing Foley" photos via
- "Whoosh, Swoosh & Swing" photo via
- All "Nature's Fury" photos via
- "Gore Toolkit" photo is a still from the film "The Cabining", captured by Jeffery Schultz -
- "Construction & Demolition" and "Water" photo from either or
- "Sci-Fi Electric" Photo by Elvis Santana (
- via stock.xchng (

Legal (IP) - Scott Hogan, Reising Ethington

Assistants - I've had many assistants throughout the years. Too many to list.
However, percussionist and multi-media guru Steve Joslin performed some of the percussion samples in the Percussion collection.