FREE SFX 2! Is a collection of free sounds drawn from both recent Soundopolis SFX library releases, as well as from David Fienup’s personal vault of sound effects. This collection contains 60 files, weighing in at over 250Mb, @48k/24bit, with some mono and some stereo files. The first group of sounds were drawn from these current Soundopolis libraries: Gore Toolkit HD, Burps & Farts, Glass Smash HD, and CB Radio HD.

I also wanted to showcase a variety of recordings from my career. It’s all well and good to come up with a very specific library, but it doesn’t show the diversity of my work. So, this is a little introduction to the background of my field recording and sound design experience. There are musical sounds such as guitar samples, a Moog sample, didgeridoo drone, and microphone feedback. There are ambiences and roomtones such as weird birds, wind through cattails, and swimming pool pumps. There are animal sounds such as rooster, Sumatran Tiger, sea lion, Jack Russel Chihuahua, hissing cockroach, and bee buzzing. There are rain and thunder sounds. There are metallic sounds like underneath an old decrepit merry-go-round, and an old grill top. There are a bunch of Foley sounds such as large book page turn, catching a full soda bottle, dropping plastic bottles, candy bag crinkle, car seatbelt sounds, armor clatter, video game controller, leather creaking, a blue flame lighter, and pencil sharpener. There are a few sci-fi sounds, and sports sounds like golf and bowling. And finally, there is a ready-to-use “video game” track that is great for your diagetic video game playing needs.

It’s a wide variety of sounds, and I hope you enjoy them. This collection provides some new and interesting sounds! All Soundopolis tracks include metadata tags so they are easy to find using any search engine. All tracks were mastered and packaged as 48k/24bit wave files. Collections come in easily downloadable zip files.

By downloading this collection of free sound effects you are subject to the License Agreement Terms found here: