Fine Sand Debris


Library Specs:

  • 192k/24bit
  • Stereo
  • 6+ GB
  • Metadata: Soundminer in UCS format

Fine Sand Debris is a collection of sounds of fine-grain sand landing, impacting, and sliding around on a variety of surfaces.  This collection is not only great for practical sound applications, it is also a great source for manipulation as it was recorded and delivered at 192k/24bit.  The possibilities are endless!



  • Metal Car Door
  • Plastic Rubbermaid-type Bin Lids
  • Large Metal Pieces from Furnace Duct
  • Resonant Dog Food Dishes
  • Plywood
  • Thicker Metal Furnace Panel
  • Thin Metal Container, mic'ed inside and outside

Sounds include:

  • Dropping sand from several feet
  • Cascading sand down the object at an angle
  • Cascading sand from one side of an object to another
  • Shaking the objects with sand on them
  • Pouring various amounts across the objects