Icy Snow HD

Ice & Snow Sound Effects

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Quick Look:
Files: 147
Sounds: 147
Size: ~266 MB unzipped
Format: WAV
Fidelity: 96k/24bit
Channels: stereo

- Footsteps on ice-covered snow
** Note: each footstep file contains a series of footsteps.
- Ice Impacts
- Ice Debris
- Ice scrapping & crushing
- Snow Impacts w/debris

Icy Snow HD came about in March 2015. Here in Michigan, we already had around a foot of snow on the ground, when we also got freezing rain and sleet. This created ~ 1/8” layer of fairly smooth ice on top of the snow. So I ran out there with my Sound Devices 702T, and a RØDE NT-4, and started recording. The first thing I noticed was that ice debris would glide noisily across the ice sheet producing a unique sound – at least much different than debris sliding across a frozen pond. With the ice being rather thin, and therefore more prone to vibration, but with the snow underneath adding a bit of a baffle, the sound was just “different” from anything I had heard before.

So, I broke off pieces of ice and smashed them on the ice sheet, sending debris flitting and skidding across the yard, over little mounds and imperfections in the ice. Then I slid some ice down a 6’ mound that the snow plow had created, which was also covered in 1/8” of ice. I also recorded some great footsteps, with a nice ice crack, and the subsequent “plouff” as my foot went through the snow. Next, I pressed my boot, and then my hand slowly on the ice, and captured some great ice stressing and cracking sounds (“Ice_Stress_Crack_...”). Once much of the ice had been pulverized by these various tasks I performed some “snow stomps”, which would work well as either huge snowball hits, or body-fall sounds (labeled “Snow_Impact_...”)

Check out the track list for more details.

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