License Agreement Terms

SINGLE USER LICENSE AGREEMENT.  All Soundopolis Sound Effects License Agreements are single-user agreements, unless specified in a separate contract.

Multi-User Organizations who have multiple users per workstation, such as, but not limited to, schools and businesses, should contact David Fienup at Soundopolis, LLC for additional licensing. Please email dave (at) soundopolis (dot) net.


1. This Agreement is between Soundopolis, LLC (“Soundopolis”), a Michigan corporation with a principle place of operation in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and you (the “Licensee”).

2. The Subject Matter of the Agreement includes any audio file or collection of audio files obtained by the Licensee via

3. The Subject Matter is protected by Unites States copyright law and the copyright laws of other countries.

4. Soundopolis is authorized by the appropriate copyright owner(s) to distribute the Subject Matter and to extend licenses consistent with this Agreement.

5. In exchange for payment by the Licensee, Soundopolis grants the Licensee a non-exclusive license under which the Licensee is free to engage in certain activities with respect to the Subject Matter. These activities are limited to those specifically listed below.

a. The Licensee is permitted to maintain a first electronic copy of the Subject Matter on a first electronic device, such as a computer or other device capable of electronic storage. Access to the first copy of the Subject Matter shall be limited to direct access via the first electronic device – i.e., the first copy of the Subject Matter shall not be stored on a server or on any other device such that it is accessible by multiple other computers or devices. Additional licenses and/or custom licenses permitting access by multiple computers or devices may be separately obtained from Soundopolis.

b. The Licensee is permitted to maintain a second electronic copy of the Subject Matter on a second electronic device. This permission is conditioned on the first and second electronic devices being primarily operated by a single, individual user. For example, if the first copy of the Subject Matter is maintained on a user’s desktop computer, a second copy of the Subject Matter may be maintained on a laptop computer or other mobile device that is primarily operated by the same user only. It is not permissible to maintain a second copy of any portion of the Subject Matter on a second device primarily operated by a different user or on a second device regularly operated by multiple users.

c. The Licensee is permitted to incorporate, royalty-free, any portion(s) of the Subject Matter into other creative works, such as television programs, movies, videos, video games, websites, apps, or other works in any medium, excluding non-musical, audio-only works. There is no limit on the number of times any portion(s) of the Subject Matter can be incorporated into such other creative works. Such a creative work is not considered a copy of the Subject Matter for purposes of paragraphs 5(a) and 5(b) of this Agreement.

6. All other rights in the Subject Matter are reserved by the respective copyright owner(s), who retain full copyright ownership. Any activity pertaining to the Subject Matter in violation of these reserved rights, such as making copies, preparing derivative works, distributing, digitally transmitting, selling, renting, leasing, lending, sub-licensing, or publicly performing any portion(s) of the Subject Matter, is outside of this Agreement and considered infringing activity unless specifically listed in paragraph 5 of this Agreement.

7. In no event shall Soundopolis’s total liability to the Licensee, or to any third party claiming through the Licensee, arising from the Licensee’s use or inability to use the Subject Matter, exceed the monetary amount actually paid by the Licensee to Soundopolis with respect to the applicable Subject Matter. No additional warranty is granted or implied.

8. The Licensee agrees to indemnify and hold Soundopolis, including its owners, employees, and related companies, harmless from and against any and all claims asserted against Soundopolis that arise from the Licensee’s use of the Subject Matter, including any damages or costs associated therewith.

9. Any dispute arising from this Agreement shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of the state of Michigan and, where applicable, the federal laws of the United States. The Licensee further agrees that any dispute arising out of this Agreement shall be brought in the state or federal courts of Michigan and to submit to the jurisdiction thereof.

10. This agreement is effective upon the Licensee’s payment and Soundopolis’s delivery of the Subject Matter to the Licensee.

NOTES: You will have 72 hours (3 days) to download your purchased collection(s).