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January 23rd Newsletter 2015


January 2015 Newsletter


August Newsletter

Thunder, Wind, Rain sound effects

May Newsletter 2014

Spring Sale!!!
Spring has sprung, the garden is planted, the weather is warming up, and that puts me in a GREAT MOOD!

So, for a limited time, Soundopolis is slashing prices by 15%! Come celebrate warmer weather in the mid-west of the USA by enjoying price cuts across the board. Stop by and smell the savings!

April Newsletter 2014

Multi-User License
Several people have been asking about multi-user licenses lately. Soundopolis SFX is pleased to accommodate studios, schools, radio stations, and anyone else with multiple users. The most asked-for multi-user license is for between 2 and 4 users. Please contact me directly at "dave at soundopolis dot net" if you are interested in a multi-user license. I offer discounts on all multi-user licenses, and freebies if multiple libraries are purchased with multi-user licenses. And we all like free stuff!

March Newsletter 2014 #2

Free SFX 2

Currently Soundopolis is knee deep in dialogue editing for an Independent Feature called Saugatuck Cures. But in the meantime, I've been working on putting together FREE SFX 2! I know you all dig free sound effects, so here you go!