April Newsletter 2014

Multi-User License
Several people have been asking about multi-user licenses lately. Soundopolis SFX is pleased to accommodate studios, schools, radio stations, and anyone else with multiple users. The most asked-for multi-user license is for between 2 and 4 users. Please contact me directly at "dave at soundopolis dot net" if you are interested in a multi-user license. I offer discounts on all multi-user licenses, and freebies if multiple libraries are purchased with multi-user licenses. And we all like free stuff!

What’s Happening @ Soundopolis
Soundopolis is hard at work doing all of the post-sound on an independent feature called Saugatuck Cures, featuring Max Adler (Glee), and Judith Chapman (The Young and the Restless). This is a Michigan-made film, and Soundopolis is very pleased to be providing dialogue editing, sound effects, ADR, Foley, and 5.1 mixing to this comedic piece.

Once again I am working with Robert Langley, who I boom-operate for on feature productions. This is our 2nd feature film together in the post-production realm, though we both have a lot of experience separately.

We’ve been so busy on this project Soundopolis hasn’t been able to release any new sound effects libraries since the FREE SFX 2! collection. And that makes me sad! But, FREE SFX 2! has been very popular, and that makes me happy again!

New Gear!
I have been a big fan of the Sony PCM hand-held recorder line for a while now. I have owned a D50 for several years, and it has traveled the world with me. Unfortunately the wind has knocked it over a few times, causing damage to the grill that protects the mics, which also caused one of the channels to become very noisy. So, I bought the new PCM D100! I also purchased the Rycote shock mount system, which comes with an extra windscreen, and a pistol-grip. This setup is pretty awesome. I can run around handheld with significantly reduced handling noise. This works out great for running out into the field to grab sounds for Saugatuck Cures! The device is the same size as the D50, but records up to 192k! I highly recommend this recorder. And no, they didn’t pay me to say that… I wish they would, though…

Thank you all for your interest in Soundopolis! Keep checking the website for sales on existing libraries, and additions of new libraries. I have a few ideas for new libraries, I just need some precious time to put them together!

David Fienup
Owner/Sound Designer
Soundopolis, LLC