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Thunder, Wind, Rain sound effects
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Nature's Fury!

Rain, Wind, Thunder

Soundopolis is very pleased to announce the release of 3 new libraries: Rain, Wind, and Thunder.  Buy them separate or buy them in a bundle and save!  When you buy the bundle you get $5 off AND three very different 4-minute long thunderstorm ambiences designed in 5.1 surround.

This library contains over 5 hours of audio across almost 200 tracks!  This library has been in the works for over 5 years as David Fienup obsessively recorded every thunderstorm, rainstorm, and windy day he possibly could.

Check out all three libraries and the mega-bundle HERE!

Nature's Fury: Rain

34 tracks

This sub-library contains light, medium, and heavy rain ambiences.  There are even tracks labeled "splatty" when there are distinctive "splats" in the midst of the "white-noise" rain generally generates.

Read more about this library HERE!
Nature's Fury: Wind

18 tracks

This sub-library contains a variety of high-wind ambiences.  Locations include late-fall forests with leaves on the ground and branches knocking together; cattails and tall grass; high winds through a neighborhood; leafy trees, etc.  There are even several tracks of interior perspective wind whistling through a window seal.

Read more about this library HERE!
Nature's Fury: Thunder

142 tracks

This sub-library is the bulk of the main library.  This contains 67 lightning clips, 48 processed low-rumbling thunder clips, and 27 thunderstorm ambiences.  The lightning covers "boom", "crack", and "rolling" thunder.

Read more about this library HERE!

Nature's Fury: Designed

The three bonus tracks in the mega-bundle are very different from each other and really show off the capabilities of this library.  Designed in 5.1 surround, these tracks can easily be dropped into any film or video project needing a storm.

"High Winds" is an ambience with moderate rain, low-rumbling thunder and some really high winds.

"Steady Shaker" is an ambience with heavy rain and a steady supply of thunder cracks and low rumbling thunder.

"The Porch" is an ambience track designed to sound like you're sitting on the porch of a farm house watching a distant storm approach.  Light distant thunder, and  light rain, with fat splatty drips as though its dripping off an awning make this a unique 5.1 ambience track.

These tracks were used to create the preview track for the mega-bundle.  Here it HERE!
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