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Happy New Year!

2015 comes with a sale!

2014 came and went, and was a pretty exceptional year.  So Soundopolis is kicking off the new year with a 15% off sale.  Right now, for a limited time, all Soundopolis collections over $5 are 15% off!  And this is a Soundopolis.net exclusive offer.

That means the bigger libraries like Gore Toolkit HD and Glass Smash HD are only $80.75.  That's a savings of over $14!  Nature's Fury goes from $135 to $114.75!  You save over $20!!!  Or if you're just looking for thunder sound effects, you can save $15 right now on Nature's Fury: Thunder!  Stock up on all your thunder, wind, and rain for a limited time!

Here's your savings:
                           You Save
Nature's Fury - $20.25
Nature's Fury: Thunder  - $15
Nature's Fury: Wind  - $2.25
Nature's Fury: Rain  -  $3.75
Glass Smash HD - $14.25
Gore Toolkit HD - $14.25
Sci-Fi Electric  - $2.25
Construction/Demolition  - $6
Water - $3.75
Water Ambiences - $3.75
Underwater - $3.75
Percussion - $4.50
Blades - $4.50

New Library COMING SOON!

A huge Foley and practical sfx library is coming down the pipes.  The collection contains 1,400 sound clips on 325 audio tracks.  This library is extremely diverse, and covers a lot of territory.  And most actions/sounds come with at least a few variations.

The sounds included range from books being slammed shut, to car seat belts being fastened, to footsteps in an air duct, to clothing sounds like zippers, leather jackets, metal armor clatter, purses and more.  This collection includes a great deal of metal squeaking, grinding, and scraping sounds, as well as a metric ton of household sounds like distant vacuum, chains, plaster tearing, rocking chairs, pet nails on wood, gaming controllers, and everything but the kitchen sink!  But you can get that in the Water collection!

28 different footstep tracks
6 heavy duty garage doors
30 metal tracks including 157 clips
Office supplies
Kitchen Sounds + Appliances
Paper Foley
Food & Beverage Sounds
Clothing Sounds
Wood Creaking
Doors - wood, screen, metal, ramming, fridge, locks, etc
Automotive Foley - seatbelt, glovebox, windows, ignition, keys, etc

This collection will definitely fill in some gaps in your sound libraries, and provide alternative sounds where you already have a few of the same type.  This library is so diverse I'm having trouble coming up with a name!  "Miscellaneous"?  "Foley Folly"?  I'm open to suggestions!  Email me @ dave@soundopolis.net to give me your input!

In the past few months ASoundEffect.com has become a sound effects distribution website, which hosts many excellent sound effects libraries from many different creators.  Soundopolis is pleased to join the cast with the likes of The Soundcatcher, BOOM Library, Airborne Sound, Chuck Russom FX, Bottle Rocket FX, Unidentified Sound Object, SoundFXWizard, Detunized, SoundMorph, and many more.  Too many to list.

ASoundEffect.com is a great website.  Here you can browse hundreds of sound effects libraries to find exactly what you want, and purchase them all together.  No more stalking around the internet, going to every single independent SFX creator trying to find what you're looking for.  You can load up your shopping cart with a little BOOM, a little Airborne, a little Soundopolis - and then make one single purchase.

If you find a creator you like, you can check out all of the collections that creator offers on ASoundEffect.com by clicking on their name, like Soundopolis HERE.

It's a beautifully put together website.  I would like to thank Asbjoern Anderson for all of his hard work promoting independent sound effects!

Oh, hey, and I'm on Twitter.  Well... more like I signed up to reserve the name Soundopolis.  I think I'll need a social media intern or something before I start posting there frequently... Currently @Soundopolis hasn't tweeted anything.  But if you're so inclined, please follow.
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