January 23rd Newsletter 2015

New Library & 15% off sale ends Monday!
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Foley Plus is Here!

1,748 Foley-related sounds.

The much-anticipated massive Foley library is here, containing over 1,748 sounds on 410 audio files.  The sounds for Foley Plus were extracted directly from my personal library of original sounds, and my very own ProTools sessions.  I then precisely edited, mastered, and arranged the sounds.  "Arranging" the sounds involved matching similar sounds to each other and grouping them onto fewer tracks so they are easy to find and manage.  The final step was infusing each track with robust metadata so that you can easily find what you're looking for using search terms in SoundMiner, Finder, or any other search engine.

Here's a quick look at the library:
     - Glass, Plastic and Aluminum Containers - Full and Empty
     - Kitchen Sounds
     - Bathroom Sounds
     - Office Sounds
     - Clothing - light and heavy movement including combat
     - Footsteps - Air Duct, Wet Concrete, Snow, Wood Stairs, Creaky Carpet, Water
     - Misc Foley - Umbrella Movement, Toweling Off, Mouth Sounds, Drinking Sounds
     - Doors and Garages
     - Car Sounds
     - Candy Wrappers
     - Metal - Chains, Squeaks, Scrapes, Impacts, Handcuffs
     - Wood Creaks
     - Lighters and Matches
     - Paper - Maps, Newspapers, Money, Bags, Books
     - Leather - Purses, Creaking
     - Furniture


Like usual, this library is packed full of variations on each sound.  Why?  Because even something as "simple" as a wood door can be opened or closed a dozen different ways.  Then there are dozens of different types of wood doors.  Sometimes your character opens it aggressively and slams it shut.  Sometimes your character is sneaking around opening doors quietly and closing them with little more than a tiny metallic click as the handle releases.  Foley Plus aims to drastically expand your options in the editing room.

After a lot of market research I am providing this library for only $150.  Looking at quite a few other sound effects creators' websites the price for a collection similar were as low as $200 and as high as $600!  And I'll be honest, why pay so much when you could run out and record most of this stuff on your own?  I was pretty surprised by some of the prices I saw.

Check out the full description, track list, and a preview track here: http://www.soundopolis.net/foleyplus

The 15% off sale will end Monday!  So, while you're couch surfing this weekend, grab your laptop, stop by Soundopolis.net and take advantage of the sales!

All libraries over $5 are 15% off.  Hurry!

Check the prices here: http://www.soundopolis.net/products
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