June Newsletter

Spring Sale & BONUS!

New Library Coming Soon!

Spring Sale & BONUS!

Wait, what's the BONUS!?

ME: Currently all Soundopolis libraries are 15% off!!!

YOU: Yeah, we already know...

ME: Well, if you buy ALL of my libraries, I will send you an additional 10% off via a Paypal refund!!!!

YOU: Yeah, but I already own a couple of them, I don't want to buy some of them again...

ME: Yeah, but I have records of all sales.  So, just buy the ones you don't own yet, and send me an email through the website letting me know (HERE).  I'll verify your claim, and calculate the 10% based on what you bought the other libraries for (sale prices or non-sale prices).  I'll shoot you some money via Paypal, and BOOM!  BONUS!

Here's the math:

Normally all current sfx collections = $388

With current 15% off sale = $329.80 ($58.20 in savings - that's more than some of the libraries cost!)

With an additional 10% off = $296.82 ($91.18 in total savings, or 1 massive HD library free!!!)

WOOHOOO!  We all love saving money!

Head over to Soundopolis to get some great deals!


I'm currently working on a new library!  It's something I've been recording for years now, maybe 6 or 7 in fact.  I'm currently weeding through hours and hours of recordings and already-edited files, trying to find the best and most diverse sounds.

What is it?  Well, for that you'll just have to wait.  But, you can take a guess, email me that guess through the website, and if you get it right: I'll give the first 5 people with correct guesses 20% off when its finally released later this summer!  1 guess per person.  I'll only take your first guess.

Email me your guess HERE
Subject: New Library Guess