March Newsletter 2014 #2

Free SFX 2

Currently Soundopolis is knee deep in dialogue editing for an Independent Feature called Saugatuck Cures. But in the meantime, I've been working on putting together FREE SFX 2! I know you all dig free sound effects, so here you go!

After the popularity of Gore Toolkit HD, Glass Smash HD, and CB Radio HD, I figured it was time to give some more sound effects away for free. So I assembled a collection of 60 sounds for you all. This is a mixture of sounds drawn from recently released libraries, and a whole bunch of sounds from my own personal unreleased vault! It's a great little collection that shows off my experience recording music samples, animals, ambiences, Foley, and creating designed sic-fi-ish sounds.

Check it out here: FREE SFX 2!

Website ReDesign -
David Lee at Lee Media Services and I have been hard at work redesigning It needs some major flair and style. He is really making my vision come to life. I can't wait to show it to the world!

Future Releases -

Untitled - Early in 2013 I messed around with a 1/2 watt guitar amplifier, one of those cigarette-pack sized amps. I recorded about an hour of sounds. I ran the output through some guitar effects, and a Fender CyberTwin Amp. I basically broke the cover off the small amp and played around with the insides. What I've created, I don't even know yet... I've been extracting various tones and sounds from the recording. It's a lot to go through, and it may take me another year to really produce a cohesive library out of these sounds. But there are some gnarly sounds in there. Just need the time to chop it up and organize it. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your support!

David Fienup
Owner/Sound Designer
Soundopolis, LLC