May Newsletter 2014

Spring Sale!!!
Spring has sprung, the garden is planted, the weather is warming up, and that puts me in a GREAT MOOD!

So, for a limited time, Soundopolis is slashing prices by 15%! Come celebrate warmer weather in the mid-west of the USA by enjoying price cuts across the board. Stop by and smell the savings!

Soundopolis on the Road:
On Saturday I traveled to Chicago for a private screening of Saugatuck Cures, which Soundopolis recently finished sound editing and mixing. I always try to see films I just mixed in the theater so I can make sure everything translates well from the acoustics of the studio to the acoustics of a theater. You can never be too careful (unless, of course, you have a theater to mix in…).

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been to the Windy City, but I had a great time! I was able to reconnect with Danny Mooney, who I started doing films with while I was doing my Masters Degree at the University of Michigan. Mooney is a brilliant actor and director. His performance in Saugatuck Cures definitely stole the show in both brilliant comedic and dramatic fashions. Other fine performances were executed by Max Adler (Glee), and Judith Chapman (The Young and the Restless). The entire cast, which is extensive, performed spectacularly. The actors were masterfully directed by Matthew Ladensack, who really delivered on writer Jay Paul Deratany’s excellent screenplay!

Saugatuck Cures is a must see as the film begins its festival tour and seeks distribution! Check out the film on IMDb:

On the way home I stopped in New Buffalo, MI, where I worked on the production "The Middle Distance" back in February. When I was last there the temperature averaged ZERO degrees! The small Lake Michigan vacation town was nearly desolate, most of the businesses had limited hours, and IT WAS ZERO DEGREES with a -20 to -30 windchill. However, on Sunday, it was 70 degrees, sunny, trees and flowers were in bloom, and the town was hopping with people. I ate at one of my favorite places there, The Stray Dog. I just had to buy a pint glass with their cool logo on it! I also stopped at the Journeyman Distillery, where we shot some of the film, and picked up a few libations to bring home. REMADE!
I have also recently completely redone my personal website: I axed the flash website, and made a much simpler, more responsive wordpress site. Here you can view my resumé, a somewhat outdated portfolio (working on a new sizzle reel), see a list of services, check out my gear list, and find out more about Soundopolis, LLC.

Check it out here:

David Fienup
Owner/Sound Designer
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